Enterprise reporting solutions

Enable data-driven strategy execution, with interactive, real-time reporting tools

Self-Service Reporting

Self-Service Reporting grants customers maximum flexibility to build and manage their own reporting process.

Customers can access Aerlytix outputs in structured formats enabling quick and easy report building by in-house teams.

Feeding downstream systems, Aerlytix outputs become accessible to the entire organization.

Reporting Portals

Launch standalone Aerlytix reporting portals to investors, financiers, and other external parties.

Access, permissions, and data refresh frequency wholly managed by the customer.

Highest levels of version control and security over sensitive performance and asset information.

  • Forecasting Dashboards
  • Digital Asset Management Reports
  • Fund and ABS Reporting

Actuals Performance Dashboards

Enabling customers to easily and accurately report on real-time performance vs. the original asset underwriting.

Monitor and report at any level. Track any metrics from original underwriting through to final divestiture.

Aerlytix builds customer specific databases to hold both actual and forecasted cashflows, integrated to the Analytics Suite and customers EPR systems.

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