Portfolio Management

Optimize fleet and
portfolio composition

Aggregate cashflows, run branch-scenario analysis, and generate stacked pricing across 1,000+ assets in as little as 90 seconds

Stacked Portfolio Pricing

Perform acquisition and divestiture analysis across portfolios of any size elevating the premium assets.

Carve out sales portfolios from your full fleet enabling optimal divestiture analysis.

Stacked Portfolio Pricing

Portfolio Scenario Analysis

Run unlimited branch scenario-analysis across portfolios of owned / managed fleets, funds, warehouses, and ABS structures.

Portfolio Scenario Analysis

‘What if’ Analysis

Analyze and execute any strategy with unlimited scenarios on any portfolio of assets

Stress Testing

Apply shocks to residual values, lease terms, or underlying assumptions

BI Dashboard Reporting

Standard and bespoke dashboard builds available across all functions

Excel Add-In

Extract portfolio level analysis output directly into Excel

Exit NPV Valuation Settings

Apply valuation discount rates to any portfolio for exit NPV vs. NBV.

Exit NPV Valuation Settings

Transforming Aviation Finance