Transforming aviation finance with technology and analytics

Manage risk, improve decision making and simplify processes and controls

What Aerlytix offers the aviation finance industry

Aviation finance is a highly specialized endeavour – particularly given the complexity of the physical asset and how its condition interacts with any associated lease or funding arrangement.

Decision support

A SaaS platform that produces sophisticated what-if and scenario cash flow analysis that drives optimal decision making.


Transformation of processes and enhancing controls to drive efficiency and clarity across the whole organisation


Using technology to create straight-through processing (STP) that enhances productivity and reduces costs.

Risk Management

Powerful asset modelling enables detailed risk analysis. For portfolios: monitor exposures as actual technical, lease balance and arrears data is collected. For acquisition analysis: accurately identify those aircraft with optimal airline creditworthiness.


Excellent visualizations, charting and reporting capabilities that creates transparency across the organisation. Using BI tools or bespoke reporting to bring clarity to complex data.


This crisis promises an unprecedented re-alignment of fleets across the globe. A rapid surge in new leasing & re-marketing activity looms for all portfolio managers. Fast and coherent decision-makers are sure to emerge as winners.

Innovative & robust technology solutions

Analytics Suite

The Analytics Suite is a SaaS offering that enables lessors to analyze and manage aviation assets with confidence. Analytics Suite is driven by a powerful aircraft maintenance forecasting model integrated into a lease cashflow forecast. Modules offered:

  • Maintenance and lease cashflow forecasting
  • Acquisition, divesture & trading analytics
  • Transaction optimization and analytics
  • Risk management

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Alert Tracker

Enhance fleet monitoring and control capabilities with an automated ‘exception rules’ based process and controls methodology.

  • Dashboard driven fleet monitoring
  • Interactive visualizations
  • Automated alerts
  • Trend analysis and analytics

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Advisory and Consultancy Services

Aerlytix offers numerous technology and consulting services. From cashflow modelling revamps to full system overhauls, the team has the necessary skills to ensure clients have the analytics technology solutions that fit their needs.

  • Cashflow and credit modelling
  • System implementations and integrations
  • BI & reporting upgrades
  • Machine learning infrastructure

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Helping a broad spectrum of clients


Aerlytix provide investors with the risk management tools needed to understand their exposure to aviation assets. For buy-side acquisition analysis, the unmatched capabilities of the Aerlytix pricing & valuation module will ensure our clients are the smartest bidders.


Lessors more than ever need technology to streamline infrastructure and processes, in parallel with analytics to support decision making. Aerlytix platform brings technical, commercial and risk inputs together to ensure coordinated decision making through one centralised model.

Bank & Lenders

Aerlytix Banking solution enables financiers of aircraft to perform portfolio collateral valuations and run risk analyses on a continuous basis. For origination, Aerlytix platform provides a pioneering pricing & valuation module with unmatched capabilities ensuring optimal lending decisions.

"Combining industry knowledge with world-class technology capabilities is what differentiates Aerlytix from all other offerings. The Analytics Suite gives our clients the cutting-edge platform to succeed as the industry recovers and moves to the next phase of its evolution."

Alan Doyle - Aerlytix CEO