Analytics and Technology Services for Aviation Finance

Manage risk, improve decision making and increase your business productivity

Our Solutions

We know how essential analytics is in this technology starved industry, and we are on a journey to deliver solutions that will reshape the future of this highly complex asset class.


  • Investment analysis
  • Structure capital market products
  • Proprietary credit modelling and analysis
  • Bespoke aviation analysis

Technology Services

  • API connectivity
  • BI implementation solution providers
  • Data mining & Data integration
  • Fleet tracking & monitoring solutions

Process Management

  • Advisory & Assistance
  • Event driven exception handling
  • System integration capabilities

Our Projects

These are some of the projects we have worked on with our clients

Aircraft Cashflow Analysis

Run scenario analysis across 150+ parameters. Encompassing aircraft utilisation, future lease assumptions, engine maintenance assumptions, and many others.

Credit Analysis

Understand the effect of airline creditworthiness on the value of a transaction.

Aircraft Tracker Alerts

Enhance fleet monitoring and control capabilities by understanding when aircraft are grounded and when they are back in service. Collaborate with colleagues by tracking statuses and commentary.

Rack'n'Stack Transactional Analysis

Taking technical, commercial and risk requirements into account, easily identify the best deals for your aircraft assets.

Our Clients

We build deep relationships with our clients transforming how they do business


Aerlytix provide investors with the risk management tools needed to understand their exposure to aviation assets. For buy-side acquisition analysis, the unmatched capabilities of the Aerlytix pricing & valuation module will ensure our clients are the smartest bidders.


Lessors more than ever need technology to streamline infrastructure and processes, in parallel with analytics to support decision making. The Aerlytix platform brings technical, commercial and risk inputs together to ensure coordinated decision making through one centralised model.

Banks & Lenders

Aerlytix Banking solution enables financiers of aircraft to perform portfolio collateral valuations and run risk analyses on a continuous basis. For origination, the Aerlytix platform provides a pioneering pricing & valuation module with unmatched capabilities ensuring optimal lending decisions.

  • We know that no two clients are the same; that is why we build iteratively and support clients every step of the way. From understanding as-is to building the strategic vision, we have the expertise to deliver a tailored solution.

    Aerlytix CEO

Who we are

Our mission is to make aviation finance the most efficient, effective and transparent industry using evolutionary analytics and technology software

About us

Aerlytix is an analytics and technology solutions provider that offers a wide range of services to the aviation finance industry. Our client base consists of companies who have multi-billion dollar aviation investments, and require cutting edge analytics to be at the centre of their decision-making processes. We serve our clients by providing tools that enable better decision making on aviation investments and deliver efficiencies and robust processes across their businesses.

Our history

Founded in 2016, Aerlytix was created to support a leading Aviation Services and Capital Management company. The founders were adamant that the aviation financing industry was starved of the technology found in other financial services asset classes, so they brought together a strong blend of financial services, technology and data processing engineering talent to build a customizable technology infrastructure. The initiative has now resulted in Aerlytix having one of the largest technology analytics teams in the aviation finance industry, with a platform that can be tailored to its client base.

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