Redefining Aviation Finance with Smart Technology

Intelligent reporting, rapid cashflow projections, and strategic financial insights in a seamless aviation finance solution.

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Introducing an Advanced Product Suite for the Future of Aviation Finance

Maintenance Forecasting

On-the-fly maintenance event forecasts and condition adjusted values.

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Pricing and Valuations

Robust and innovative valuation functionality for all transaction types.

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Portfolio Management

Fleet optimization and stacked portfolio pricing across any number of aircraft.

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Lease Cashflow Forecasting

Best-in-class lease structuring and cash-flow model.

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Finance Structuring

Debt structuring and existing LTV monitoring.

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Risk Management

Customer-defined rating methodology driven by the Aerlytix Risk Knowledge Base.

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Fleet Tracker

Exception based system to monitor asset movement real-time with ADS-B.

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All Modules on our Analytics Suite are packed with pioneering features

Sensitivity Analysis

Create goal-seek and risk mitigation sensitivity matrices across thousands of scenarios in seconds.


Aerlytix products are built on an API foundation, which makes it easy to integrate with any software.

Rack 'n' Stack

Compare unlimited opportunities removing the quantitative guesswork from decision making.

Scenario Analysis

Clone, copy and create unlimited branch scenarios with ease.

Connect to your existing software

Aerlytix integrates directly with leading aviation platforms.
Making it easy to get started, stay connected and get more out of your financial data.

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Customers we deliver solutions for

Aerlytix delivers cutting-edge solutions to the aviation finance industry


Streamlining lease management and financial optimization for aircraft lessors.

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Banks and Lenders

Providing advanced analytics and risk management solutions for financial institutions.

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Owners and Investors

Offering real-time insights and detailed analytics to assist decision-making for investors.

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Transforming Aviation Finance