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Risk Management

Navigate counterparty credit risk with confidence

Define custom credit rating methodology and apply scoring to all asset modeling

Risk Knowledge Base

Customer specific financial data storage hub for internally sourced financials, uploaded directly via Excel.

Ability to supplement internal data with externally (API) sourced financial data.

Risk Knowledge Base

Automated Counterparty Financials

Automated feed of airline financials and operational data from industry leading data providers integrated directly into customers' Risk Module workflow.

Counterparty credit ratings automatically refresh as financial and operational performance data updates.

Automated Counterparty Financials

Counterparty Profiles

Add non-financial operator attributes, including flight tracking data, jurisdictional data, etc.

Custom Ratings

Customer-defined credit scoring methodology (metrics and weightings) applied to all global operators

Portfolio Benchmarks

Plot credit-adjusted portfolio benchmarks by operator, asset type, or region

Credit-adjusted Pricing

Enable consistent credit screening and decision making on all transactions

Aircraft Recovery Value and Default Model

Forecast aircraft recovery value, encompassing jurisdictional factors, repossession cost, and time‚Äč.

Map a default probability to each counterparty.

Aircraft Recovery Value and Default Model

Transforming Aviation Finance