Risk Management

Efficient risk management with connected data

Portfolio Exposure Analysis

Maintenance and lease exposures monitoring across a portfolio with drill-down capability to high-risk assets.

Sensitivity and Stress-test Analysis

Monitoring aggregate portfolio sensitivities to shocks ranging from operator utilization levels to engine time-on-wing, amongst others.

Risk-adjusted Pricing

Risk-adjusted pricing and valuation benchmarks that combine asset exposures with lessee credit ratings.

Internal Ratings

Automated credit-adjusted benchmarks by set parameters, to enable consistent decision making on asset acquisition to remarketing.

In addition...


Customised reporting and events notification alerts.

Portfolio Risk

Aggregate and slice exposures by portfolio, operator or asset type.

Credit Rating

Automated credit ratings driven by API-connected lesseeā€™s financial data, in addition to specified fleet data.

Recovery Value

Recovery values and default probabilities analysis.

End-of-lease Exposures

Tracking of end-of-lease compensation exposures throughout the asset forecast.


Multi-layered asset exposures analysis.

Risk Concentration

Portfolio concentration targets, limits and restrictions management.


Full permissions-based functionality.

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