Fleet Tracker

Exception-based Fleet Tracker

Ensuring that all stakeholders have the latest understanding of fleet location, exceptions and utilization

Fleet Dashboards

Track and analyze the entire fleet (and other tracked aircraft of interest) via. secure, web-based, customer specific portals.

Fleet Dashboards

Custom Exception Monitoring

Set custom rules for days AoG and jurisdictional violations (e.g., OFAC countries or restricted airports).

Custom Exception Monitoring


Integrate live ADS-B data into Aerlytix reports and forecasts

Technical Status

Technical teams can share commentary such as reason for grounding, expected RTS, and any other pertinent information

Restricted Jurisdictions

Proactively track and action any lessee jurisdictional violations of OFAC sanctioned countries or restricted airports

Utilization Analysis

Historical monthly utilization, MoM changes, US connected flights for tax liability reporting, and much more

Fleet Portfolios

Create tracked aircraft portfolios sub-portfolios in seconds. Add MSN status updates and alerts with RAG ratings (traffic light).

Fleet Portfolios

Transforming Aviation Finance