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Market transparency
for Investors

Enabling investors to manage complex investments, offering advanced solutions that bring clarity to both investors and their portfolios

What we can offer

Standalone reporting portals combined with advanced modelling and reporting, allow investors gain upto-date insights, detailed analytics, and greater transparency for their investments. Some of the products we offer include the following:

Reporting Portal

Established as a centralized location for investors to easily obtain accurate insights into their portfolios. These are secure sites accessible exclusively to designated users.

Aviation Fund Reporting

Navigate aviation funds confidently with comprehensive reporting. Gain real-time insights into aviation portfolios, enabling investors to make informed decisions.

ABS Modelling & Reporting

Unlock ABS market transparency with Aerlytix’s detailed reporting tool. Provides easy access to lease details, maintenance status, and cashflow projections at an individual MSN level.

Offers investors the ability to forecast cashflows through an ABS waterfall structure, providing instant valuation, pricing, and return solutions.


Case Study: ABS Reporting Portal

Client Background

A leading asset manager and servicer, identified the need for enhanced reporting in the ABS market following feedback from investors. This marked the beginning of a successful partnership with Aerlytix.

Business Challenge and Problem

The ABS market faced challenges in valuing holdings, especially after significant lease restructurings due to the impact of Covid-19. Investors sought detailed breakdowns per aircraft, jurisdictional insights, and accurate maintenance status, realizing the limitations of traditional monthly noteholder reports.

Differentiated Aerlytix Capabilities

Powered by Aerlytix’s technology, the servicer launched an ABS investor portal that enhances aircraft fund reporting. Investors now have a much clearer picture of their investment. The portal has given investors access to detailed information per aircraft, including lease rate ranges, maintenance status, forward projections, and estimated end-of-lease compensation payments.

Business Impact

The ABS investor portal feedback has been overwhelmingly positive from the major noteholders, offering them unprecedented access to real-time data. With it, the servicer has transformed itself into a digital servicer, allowing clients to access details of their investments at any time. This advanced system can establish itself as the standard reporting mechanism for ABS structures, contributing to deal-making and driving greater transparency in the ABS space.

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