Lease Cashflow Forecasting

Lease structuring
for every deal type

With thousands of owned and managed leased assets the model has matured into the most sophisticated in the industry

Rack 'n' Stack

Compare all extension, re-marketing opportunities, sales, or 'do nothing' scenarios for decision optimization with ease.

Remove all quantitative guesswork from decision making.

Rack 'n' Stack

Lease Generator

Generate standard benchmark leases according to key indicative terms, all stored in the Knowledge Base.

Benchmark leases with a 'pre-canned' set of assumptions to be used for indicative pricing, defined by asset type, or applied to analysis forecasts in an 'auto' rules-based fashion.

Lease Generator

Lease Cloning

As transition windows approach, clone contracted leases for simplified extension / amendment modelling

Lease Origination

Create unlimited future leases for all potential re-marketing opportunities

Maintenance Accruals

Track and project MR balances, third-party agreements and EOL accruals

Cashflow Editor

Create ad hoc specific cash-flow series for deal specific contributions

Maintenance Unit Ratios

Identify any potential accrual gaps or lessor contribution exposures in seconds.

Audit existing leases or new opportunities with an auto-generated comparison of each customers' internal event cost assumptions against the contracted / negotiated MR/EOL rates.

Maintenance Unit Ratios

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