About Us

About us

Our mission is to transform aviation finance with technology and analytics.

Headquartered in Dublin, Ireland, Aerlytix was founded in 2016 to support a leading Aviation Services and Capital Management company.

In 2020 it was decided to bring the products to an external market, with the lead product being a modular system supporting maintenance forecast, lease analysis, financing, trading and risk. The Analytics Suite became the first multi-layered decision support tool in aviation finance. The Analytics Suite is now used by leading lessors & investors, handling billions in aircraft transactions and leases.

The current team is assembled from the banking, technology and aviation finance world. Aerlytix strives to provide new and better ways to enable efficient, knowledge-based decisions across the aviation industry. Since August 2020, Aerlytix has delivered technology solutions to leading aviation investment companies in North America, Europe and Asia.

As one of the fastest growing aviation technology companies in the world, we have built a reputation as a leading high-end SaaS product developer by hiring the right talent and building long term partnerships with our clients.

Core principles of our business


We know aviation finance. We have built an incredible team with extensive insights into the nuances and complexities of aviation finance, harnessing this knowledge to build and develop powerful and efficient solutions.


We aim to shape decision-making within the industry by providing technology and analytics solutions to transform processes and bring clarity to decision-making.


Building specialist technology requires intensive customer engagement. Beyond initial requirements gathering and delivery, we are always listening to client needs and never afraid to evolve as our clients evolve.

Meet some of our team members

Aerlytix wins Airline Economics and Growth Frontiers Global Leaders Aviation 100 Technology Innovation of the Year Award 2022.

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