Simplifying decision-making
for lessors

Customers benefit from a best-in-class model and a technology that scales with any business

What we can offer

Aerlytix is a technology eco-system used by leading lessors to run their business, supporting their asset management processes with a suite of tools, connecting in-depth technical analysis, scenario stress testing and metal value exposure.

The Aerlytix platform brings technical, commercial, finance and risk inputs together to ensure coordinated outcomes through one centralized infrastructure, making the most complex investments a simple matter.

Aerlytix drives intelligent automation into every corner of the asset management process, creating a true competitive advantage by removing “the noise” and introducing quantitative rigour to the decision-making process.

Case Study:
Value and Scale

Business Challenge and Problem

As lessors approach a three-digit owned or managed fleet size, significant business inefficienies are caused by the amount of data, third-party providers, and turbulent nature of aviation.

Everything from Portfolio Management to FP&A becomes cumbersome and manual with reliance on Excel and legacy systems. A “firefighting approach” to repossessions and re-deliveries is widespread, with major lessors often running maintenance and lease forecasts on less than 30 aircraft monthly.

Differentiated Aerlytix Capabilities

Purpose built for aviation finance, Aerlytix connects client data within a centralized web-based infrastructure. Through the integration of both external data sources and internal asset management systems, customers benefit from the systems proven ability to forecast fleets of 600+ aircraft in seconds with the most up-to-date data available.

Business Impacts

Aerlytix drove a 75% reduction in the FTE hours required to run a monthly maintenance and lease forecasting process. Also the lessor benefits by having up-to-date data available for all assets, to support improved decision making.

As a centralized strategic infrastructure, outputs from the Aerlytix analytics suite benefit all functions through enhanced Portfolio Management, FP&A reporting, technical, compliance, and audit.

Transforming Aviation Finance