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Exposure management
for Banks & Lenders

Empowers banks and lenders with the connected risk management tools needed to understand underlying exposures

What we can offer

An off-the-shelf cashflow modeling and analytics technology solution that removes the heavy lifting from maintenance forecasting, metal condition monitoring, and automated LTV tracking.

Enabling accurate metal and credit risk monitoring for both new and returning lenders to the new post-pandemic aviation finance landscape.

Aerlytix enables accurate metal and credit risk monitoring and drives intelligent automation into every corner of the asset management process. This creates a competitive advantage by removing “the noise” and introducing quantitative rigour to the decision-making process.

Case Study:
Risk Mitigation & Exposure Management

Business Challenge and Problem

There is significant exposure to airlines, MROs, traders and lessors, and there is a currently stagnant ABS market. To manage this exposure banks and lenders often rely on their debtor counterparties to monitor and report on metal condition.

Lenders have been faced with a need to restructure financing arrangements, discounted buyouts, and refinance underwater facilities. Too often lenders are left with the unencumbered asset, resulting in many lenders pulling back or exiting the space entirely.

Differentiated Aerlytix Capabilities

With industry leading models written in code, the Analytics Suite enables financiers to accurately assess new business opportunities with precision. For banks dedicated to the industry, Aerlytix has enabled lenders to efficiently evaluate exposures in the current aviation finance landscape.

Business Impact

With best-in-class security, data integrity and audit capabilities, financiers have looked to the Aerlytix Analytics Suite to run on-the fly maintenance forecasts through an accessible, easy to understand, and transparent platform. In the tool-tip rich environment Commercial, Technical, and Risk teams can have access to fleet-wide LTV monitoring and full control over assumptions.

The scalable web-based enables financiers to digitize their traditional credit evaluation function through the Aerlytix Risk Module, seamlessly integrated into the rigorous metal context.

Transforming Aviation Finance