Transparent flexible pricing

Iterative modular deliveries are encouraged.
Clients can start small and adopt additional functionality at any stage.

A simple, hassle-free, pricing structure:

  • Annual licensing fees
  • Contracts range from 12 months to 5+ years
  • No restrictions on the number of users
  • No implementation fees for agreed project timelines
  • No training fees for group and 1:1 sessions during project
  • Aerlytix Services charged on day-rate basis
  • Clear timelines provided, based on project complexity
  • Dedicated project team assigned, with support ongoing ensuring customer success

Recent customer delivery examples...

Access in Weeks with Easy Modular Delivery

Implementation timeline

Approx. 4-weeks from project kick-off

  • Maintenance Forecasting
  • Lease Cashflow Forecasting
  • Pricing and Valuations
  • Custom Excel Add-in Template Builds

These customers typically add additional modules in subsequent deliveries

Off-the-Shelf Business Transformation

Implementation timeline

Approx. 8-weeks from project kick-off

  • Maintenance Forecasting
  • Lease Cashflow Forecasting
  • Pricing and Valuations
  • Portfolio Management
  • 3rd Party Reporting
  • Lease Editor Entry Consultancy
  • Data Integration Services

These customers usually avail of Aerlytix integration services into update existing AMS and CRM systems for subsequent deliveries.

Fully Integrated Enterprise Delivery

Implementation timeline

Approx. 16-weeks from project kick-off

  • Maintenance Forecasting
  • Lease Cashflow Forecasting
  • Pricing and Valuations
  • Portfolio Management
  • Risk Management
  • 3rd Party Reporting
  • Aerlytix CRM
  • Fleet Tracker
  • Operations and IT Consultancy
  • Custom BI - Report Build Consultancy
  • Self-service Reporting

These customers often focus on a specific cumbersome and manual business process initially, then quickly add additional functionality for wider organizational adoption.

Customer collaboration

In partnership with our customers, Aerlytix builds bespoke products. Our product development roadmap is paved by our customers' business requirements.

ABS Noteholder Reports

Business Development Tools

Performance Dashboards

Digital Asset Management Products

Custom Cashflow Models

Digitalized ABS Waterfall Model

Commonly asked questions

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Users gain access to the Aerlytix Pre-production (test) environment within four weeks of contract signing. The only prerequisites are providing a fleet extract and cost and interval data for one asset type. Deployment of a Production (Live) environment is determined by the client, contingent upon data sourcing and successful user acceptance testing (UAT).

There are no restrictions on the quantity of users who can register with Aerlytix. The Analytics suite incorporates a detailed permissions system, allowing precise management of each user's access.

In collaboration with servicers and lessors, Aerlytix can offer secure Investor Portals for Investors to monitor portfolios or singular aircraft. Providing transparent information to investors helps facilitate deals, offering accurate insights into asset health and access to interactive BI dashboards through secure portals.

Certainly, Aerlytix encourages an iterative approach with modular deliveries. The available modules include Maintenance and Lease Forecasting, Pricing and Valuations, Financing, Portfolio Management, and Risk.

Our experienced and expert Aerlytix data team collaborates with you to establish a seamless knowledge base setup. Essential elements include cost and interval data for airframe and engines, global fleet data, and house view assumptions (utilization, workscope, maintenance inflation, downtimes, etc.)

Aerlytix partners with numerous data providers and can offer guidance on best practices. However, we do not supply any source data.

Absolutely, we take pride in delivering first-class support to our customers. Ongoing support and training are included within the annual fee. Customers also have access to an online help-centre which directs queries directly to our business and product development teams.

Your data security is our top priority. We are SOC compliant, meeting stringent standards for protection. Our system employs industry-leading encryption protocols to ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data both in transit and at rest. Our system is regularly updated, and access is always restricted to authorized personnel.

Reach out to us, and we’ll work together to find a solution. Aerlytix is designed to be flexible and adaptive to your requirements.