Maintenance & Lease Management

Asset and portfolio exposure management at all levels

A 360-degree View

Full maintenance forecasting suite integrated to a best-in-class lease cashflow forecasting model.

Technical Analysis

Instant overview of maintenance reserves adequacy to the "metal picture".

Utilization Adjustments

Forecast operating profiles by varying parameters and ratios.

Opportunities and Amendments

On-the-fly asset condition analysis of follow-on leases or amendment scenarios.

In addition...


Full reporting functionality including maintenance events.

P & L Analysis

P & L impact analysis on maintenance and lease strategies.

Excel Add-in

Seamless interconnection of the analysis engine to Excel.

CMS Connectivity

Integration to any in-house or external CMS systems.

Lease Amendments

"What-if" analysis on contracted leases and amendments.

Collateral Security

Maintenance reserves and end-of-lease compensation cashflows analysis.

Cashflow Forecasting

Base forecast and scenario analysis.

EPR Modelling

In-depth engine performance restoration modelling.

Transforming Aviation Finance

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