Analytics Suite
A modularized analytics suite tailored to clients’ needs

About our Analytics Suite

Using a world class technology stack, the Aerlytix analytics suite is tailored to suit clients’ needs. Using the most sophisticated web-based infrastructure backed up by lightning-fast modelling libraries and in-depth reporting capabilities, clients can be confident that they are getting the best analytics and technology solutions in aviation financing.

Analytics Suite modules:

Cashflow Forecasting
  • In-depth maintenance forecasting
  • Lease cashflow forecasting
  • Scenario analysis
  • 'Actual' vs 'Projected' attribution analysis
  • Process and control capabilities
Acquisition & divesture analytics
  • Fast and accurate pricing
  • Trade optimization
  • Scenario analysis at portfolio level
  • Portfolio analysis
  • SPA automation
Commercial & Marketing
  • Simplifying and automating Skyline process
  • Future lease and extension analytics
  • Lease amendment analytics
  • Transaction optimization
Risk Management
  • Enhanced credit analytics
  • Automated operational controls
  • Shock and stress analytics capabilities
  • Advanced audit and control capabilities

Some of the signature Analytics Suite visualizations

Aerlytix offer a wide range of visualizations to assist with in-depth financial analytics

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Maintenance Forecast

Instantly visualize when components undergo maintenance and interactively drill-down into the maintenance cause and workscope of the shop visit. Lease reserving adequacy is overlaid on to the 'metal picture' where applicable.

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Credit Value Exposed to Default

Visualize the evolution of the 'paper value' of the lease, including the sources of such value - contrasted with the evolving underlying recovery 'metal value' of the asset.

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EOL Accrual

Visualize the underlying maintenance exposures per component emerging from an end of lease compensation arrangement.