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Monitor aircraft investments with confidence and accuracy

About Alert Tracker

Using a powerful ‘exception based’ methodology, the Aerlytix Alert Tracker enables clients to maintain excellent processes and controls when monitoring fleets, whether they are managed/owned, part of an ABS or a specific fund.

The interactive visualizations automatically alert clients when aircraft of interest have not flown for a specified period, when aircraft are flying again or when aircraft have flown into a jurisdiction of interest.

The metrics and analytics are tailored to suit clients’ needs.

Partnering with FlightAware, Aerlytix Alert Tracker ensures that clients’ data is reliable.

Aerlytix announces partnership with FlightAware

Aerlytix is delighted to announce a partnership with FlightAware, the global provider of flight information and insights, providing real-time data for the Alert Tracker

As part of its cutting-edge technology platform, which provides industry-leading analytics, the Aerlytix Alert Tracker enables clients to gain a thorough understanding of the performance of any aircraft in which the client has an interest.

The Alert Tracker enables clients to have ‘best in class’ process and controls, with strong audit capabilities
Allows clients to monitor fleets within portfolios with minimal effort through interactive visuals
Alerts users when aircraft have not flown or are flying again or landed in a jurisdiction of interest
Allows teams (e.g. technical) to track the latest comments using a RAG (traffic light) status
Daily email alert and dashboards tailored to clients' needs
Evaluates trends, tracks historical flights, cycles and utilizations for fleets

Alert Tracker Dashboard

Interactive charts and visuals

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"This new fleet monitoring solution works really well for us, and the implementation was quick and simple."

Aidan Reynolds - Chief Technical Officer, Jackson Square Aviation

"Aerlytix’s use of FlightAware’s AeroAPI™ data to power decisions made by the aviation financing industry is in lock-step with our goal of providing actionable insights through the data we synthesize. By putting the right information in the hands of decision-makers, the tool created through our partnership with Aerlytix offers a unique strategic advantage to users."

Daniel Baker - FlightAware CEO