Aerlytix is an analytics and technology solutions provider that offers a wide range of services to the aviation finance industry.

Our mission is to transform aviation finance with technology and analytics as the driving force. The team is committed to:

  • Transforming clients' quantitative decision-making capabilities
  • Simplifying and automating processes and controls so that clients can concentrate on value-add activities
  • Reducing operational costs through increased productivity and process efficiency savings

Values we live by


Aerlytix is built upon deep knowledge of aircraft leases, maintenance and financing structures. We deliver powerful quantitative analytics through a decision support platform that gives our clients a decisive edge.


Our goal is to create analytics that are easy to use and understand. We target unnecessary complexity within organisations and the industry itself. We aim to give users clear information efficiently, demystify aircraft analytics and put strong analytic capabilities into the hands of all users.


We are striving to transform aviation decision-making capabilities for our clients. Everything we do is driven by our ambition to become the industry wide technology platform of choice.


Our staff have a deep understanding of the industry and technology. We hire innovative thinkers. We work to provide new and better ways to enable efficient, knowledge-based decisions across the industry.

Our history

Since August 2020, Aerlytix has delivered technology solutions to leading aviation investment companies in America, Europe and Asia.

Founded in 2016, Aerlytix was initially created to support a leading Aviation Services and Capital Management company. Having assembled a team from the banking and technology world, it was obvious to the management team that the aviation financing industry needed technology commonly found in the management of other asset classes.

The team set about learning the nuances of aircraft leasing, all the while building out infrastructure that would handle the operational and analytical needs of the industry. Aerlytix is fast becoming the “go-to” for all things aviation analytics and technology.